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Kuala Lumpur Nominated As the 6th Dangerous City in The World

Below is an analytic respond/rebuttal from Mr. Tai Zee Kin on the article '10 Dengerous City in The World' written in Life Hack online portal  . The writer of the article claimed that Kuala Lumpur (KL) ranked number 6 amongst 10 nominated cities . Of course those who live in KL know this claim is a total rubbish , to be number 6 as the dangerous city in the whole world seriously a ridiculous claim . How many cities do we have in the whole world , how many cities in the countries which can be considered dangerous such as Iraq , Mexico , Afghanistan , Pakistan , etc . I don't know if we have any bomb explosion in the middle of KL city but I know some countries which not listed in the top-10 such as Thailand, Pakistan and Indonesia does have this kind of history . I wonder how does the writer consider the criteria to rank those dangerous city ? As per writer's comment , he mentioned that the 'crime rates increase up to 70%' in the city . I wonder how does he defined 'crime' ? Is the degree of violence on the executed crime in Mexico can be relatively compared to Malaysia ?  Anyway , I'd go through this website and found out that there's nothing special here. There only have 1800 numbers of facebook followers , 478,848 alexa ranking (even my blog alexa ranking is lower !) , google page ranked 3/10 (mine is also 3/10) . I guess the web administrator purposely did this to drive traffic to his website . He don't give a sh*t if the article send by the writer is a total rubbish.

from Tai Zee Kin in his facebook page

"KL is ranked as the 6th most dangerous City (top 10) in the world, by (have you heard of this website? because best to quote the sources when you quote a piece of information).

and the author of the post, is one mr "Life Hacker"

1st most dangerous :- San Pedro Sula, 
2nd most dangerous :- Ciudad Huarez
3rd most dangerous :- Maceio in Brazil, 
4th most dangerous :- Acapulco in Mexico 
5th most dangerous :- Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt.

I think KL itself is quite dangerous with the robbers, snatch thief, and mat rempits. <-- this is my caveat, so try not to ignore it and imply that I am saying KL is the safest city in the world.

But to ranked us as top 6th simply means that this Mr Life Hacker, as well as, as well as any Malaysian portal which quoted Mr Life Hacker, are smoking weed (or something else?). <---- this was a joke. 

First Let me inject you with some senses (don't need to be common sense, just sense will do), which are factually orientated. (NOTE :- this is just to give you a "perception" comparatively speaking. I am not incline to entertain any further "dwelling into microscoptic view" without factual supports. any i am also not incline towards entertaining Anecdotal accounts (IE, story from your robbery case, story from your property being stolen, story about your cousin who got snatch theft), because i acknowledge it (refer to my caveat above "I think KL itself is quite dangerous with the robbers, snatch thiefs....)

1.) Murder Rate - the scariest and most dangerous of all! and i Quote you Statistics from United Nation ODC's Statistic on Homicide. (well, unless you think the statements from one Mr Life Hacker is much more reliable than United Nation, i shall rest my case<--- my caveat for people who are cynical enough just to question sources)

Malaysia's murder rate was - 2.3 (the higher the worse)
South Korea's murder rate was - 2.6
Taiwan's murder rate was - 3.2
Turkey - 3.3
United States - 4.8
Thailand - 4.8
Indonesia - 8.1
Russia - 10.2
and Honduras - 91.6

* I am only quoting you familiar names, there are wide range of countries with rates between 2.3 to 91.6. you do your maths.
* if you wanna see the DATA for your own eyes, go to this link :-

2.) Crime Index Paradox

I know i know you wanna quote me Malaysia has one of the highest crime index at 70.88 (100 being most unsafe, 0 being safest).

but i beg you to really go through the ranking yourself and find out that it's not all that "glossy" about being able to quote the number 70.88 to two decimal points.


US's crime Index is 64.93. Therefore, is it suffice to say, that our Crime index is almost similiar to US, hence almost equally safe as US? hmn... The next time i hear you quote US you are doomed to be ridiculed! (i know you wont). but then, the most powerful nation in the world, the most influential land of the free and brave, ranked almost similiar to us in Crime Index, so?

And the paradox is this.

Guess what's the Crime Index of Indonesia? 


Wow, Indonesia is 3 times safer than Malaysia, not 20%, 30%, but 300%. wow wow wow. 

there you go. Continue to quote the Crime INdex la!

FOr detail about the crime index, see here

3.) RAPE!!! <--- (explaining the statistic doesn't mean i condone rape. I think rapist should be jailed for life and castrated (my personal view no offence), but i just wanna debunk your naive thought in quoting one random ranking by one Mr Life Hacker so bear with me)

Malaysia' rape cases per 100,000 populace was 13.5 as per 2009 (sorry can't get the latest).

Malaysia --> 13.5

check out UK, Britain --> 28.8
Finland --> 15.2
Norway --> 19.2
New Zealdn --> 25.8
USA --> 27.3
Sweden --> 63.5!!!

Of course there are issue of under-reporting/over-reporting etc. But then, would you accord the "SAME" level of skepticism and cynicism when you quote Mr Life Hacker's statistic that KL, Msia is the 6th most Dangerous in the world? if you do, then ignore this post 

Of course the list go on and on , but then if you are still NOT convinced now, that Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is not the 6th Most dangerous in the World, i shall present you with Mr Anas Zubedy 's quote 

"To say that KL is all good & super safe would be idiotic but 2 suggest that it is the top 10 most dangerous city would be moronic:)" - Anas Zubedy "

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