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Election Fraud : Conspired or Conspired Against ?

The allegation of Malaysian opposition party (Pakatan Rakyat / PR) on several issues during 'the day' of GE-13 which include phantom voters, indelible ink and suspicious ballot boxes which brought in during the counting process are questionable . The tried to create perception to Malaysian and the observing countries that the election process in Malaysia is not clean . This perception initiated within the social media (Facebook , Twitters, Youtube, Blogs ,and online portals) , and spread out to create 'psychological waves' and gain supports from the 'angry citizen' which then to be manifest on the occasion they call 'Perhimpunan Suara Rakyat' (Voice of Citizen Gathering) .

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Those who have been active in social media might have seen numbers of Youtube video which show these supporters of  PR managed to caught 'phantom' voters which they claim to be non-citizen , most of the non-citizen 'caught' were Bangladeshi. However , those poor 'Bangladeshi' turn out to be a Malaysian . Some caught were mixed Malay-Indian mix and some were purely Indian . Their skin color made them the victim of PR supporters paranoia. Most of the 'Ghost Buster' squad who uploaded their 'catch' in Youtube are Chinese , and this raised question on why this 'Ghost Buster'  only have 'suspicious' with voters which is 'Bangla look alike' ?

We have 'alien' from Indonesia who can pretend to be Malay voters , we have 'alien' from India and Bangladesh who can pretend to be Indian or Sikh voters and we even have 'alien' from China, Taiwan, and Singapore who can pretend to be Chinese voters . Did the 'Ghost Buster' squad aware of this ? And why they have to be double standard when there is no Chinese voters held to go through their citizenship test (sing Negaraku , speak proper Malay etc) ? What if the Chinese voters can't sing and speak proper Malay but he/she hold valid Malaysian identity card ?  Does it make him or her a phantom voter ? If their action is not racist what should we call it then ?

As we can see, the 13th General Election (GE)  'psychological war' widely implemented in social media especially from PR , rumors and slanders widely spread without any solid evidence. People were being blinded by economical terms and indicators which were mixed up between facts and lies to make it appear as it's a strong evidence. The PM and his wife consistently attack with slanders on scandals and bribery , even after explanation with supporting documents and witnesses, this people keep the ball rolling and keep on planting the negative stigma towards PM and his especially to the young generation.

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If they can do this , they can simply ask few Bangladeshi to appear at the voting booth with fake IC pretending to register to vote and some other 'division' , I mean the paranoia 'Ghost Buster' will take care of this Bangladeshi . It is indeed what we call an 'underground movement' to defame SPR and the opposite party . The naive 'Ghost Buster' blindly doing their job without knowing the existence of the 'underground movement' . If  BN really want to do this cheap and dirty trick , they wouldn't be so stupid to hire troops of Bangladeshi walking around at the voting station when they know the PR paranoia 'Ghost Buster' are sentrying at that particular place.

What about if BN supporters playing the same 'underground' tactic towards PR ? What I mean is , the BN supporters can always hired few China nationalities with some good amount of money to vote , and of course giving them some fake IC or use someone else IC . The BN supporters at the same time must reflect him/her as a PR supporters by wearing PR shirts , caps etc . Then another group will act as a 'Ghost Buster' and ask those people with the 'citizenship test'. When those people failed the 'citizenship test' , bring them to the police with your video camera on and ask question who have hired them ? And guess what , the 'alien' will surely recognized PR shirts wear by the person who have hired him or her. Then post the video to Youtube so it can be shared in Twitter, Facebook and Blogs. It is quite simple dirty trick to fooled some naive people out there .

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Another popular allegation is those who have already voted can cast another vote as the indelible ink can be easily cleaned. In fact the use of indelible ink was proposed by Bersih (non-gov body of clean election in Malaysia) . BN supporters through social media had already raised their concern on the disadvantage of using the indelible ink and Malaysia Election Committee (SPR) also initially proposed the bio-metric system which is more reliable . However the pro-PR Bersih insist of using the indelible ink though numbers of concern raised through social media. First, the indelible ink might be easily washed away by using chemicals or certain methods . Secondly , the indelible ink might be applied to the voters before the election date with the intention to stop him/her voting on the next day. Third, the use of indelible ink might create perception of un-clean election due to reason no 1 & 2 , thus give reason on the loosing party to create chaos and havoc. Well , you can see it now . The 3 reasons above already mentioned earlier , and the pro PR Bersih seemed don't really care , which mean they purposely push for the use of indelible ink in the election because they know they can use indelible ink as an issue when the election is over. This is seriously a cheap propaganda.

Anyway I had write an article in Malay regarding the application of indelible ink during GE-13 on 25th July 2011 and my prediction on the excuses the opposition might raised if they lost the election ;

"Kebarangkalian alasan2 yg timbul sekiranya Pakatan Rakyat masih kalah jika dakwat kekal di gunakan ialah:-

7.i . Dakwat yang digunakan penyokong BN adalah dari jenis mudah tanggal, ada keberangkalian utk mengundi kali kedua

7.ii. Penyokong2 pembangkan ditipu/diugut supaya jari mereka ditandakan utk mengundi walaupun mereka belum lagi mengundi.

7.iii. Dakwat tak cukup utk sesetengah tempat mengundi, jadi ada pengundi yg tak ditandakan"

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The existence of  'mysterious' additional ballot boxes  is a classic accusation made from the opposition party when they lost in the election , I guess this had started since like 50 years ago ?? So the same story told , like a video recorder they will use it against the new generations , so this perception will be inherited . Maybe the 'tradition' will only stop if they manage to win the election ? Or maybe not .. what if BN as the opposition continue the tradition ? The classic 'mysterious' ballot boxes accusation is when these boxes suddenly appear during the vote counting process after some 'blackout' . Those who made the accusation believe the SPR worker brought in the mysterious ballot during the 'blackout' , and after the electricity restored .. wallah, BN suddenly leading the in the vote counting.  People might unaware that the SPR workers are government servant which have their own political view , some are PR supporters and some are BN supporters . If this 'hanky panky' happened during the vote counting process wouldn't the SPR worker who support PR made any noise about this ? Some more we have party agent in the vote counting station , and after years and years of this allegation , wouldn't they prepared for this ?? Yes , they actually prepared and the failed to find any evidence to support the accusation . Even some of them given their 'testimony' in Facebook .

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