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Something to share from Citizen Investigation Movement .

10/5/2013 Finding 17

"Taktik Kotor SPR bantu memenangkan BN !"




1) Someone posted this video claiming that SPR has helped BN to win. 
2) Here's another post that supports it:
3) Vasantha Kumar said, 8 policemen escort him out after he had asked SPR regarding the irregularity of a mixed vote in a box together with some missing voting boxes.
4) He also said that SPR did not co-operate when asked for 91 Borang 14 from the 91 Saluran and the Borang 14 was not signed properly by SPR.


INVESTIGATION: (if you are lazy to go through the investigation, SCROLL down straight to "FINDINGS".)

1) Try to listen carefully to their conversation on the video and confirm if they are arguing over that matter. Note the irregularities or unclear messages and conversations in the video.
2) Contact SPR to confirm if this incident was in Perak at Pusat Penjumlahan Undi di Dewan Merdeka, Tapah.
3) Vasantha Kumar made a police report in Tapah at 1:30am on the 6/5/2013. Help us get the police report from a police station in Tapah.
4) It was mentioned that 4 polling boxes from Chenderiang and 5 polling boxes from Ayer Kuning was not at the Dewan Merdaka on Penjumlahan Undi that night. Please confirm from the authorities or polling agents or SPR if this is true and find out what was the cause of the delay.


Conclusion and Findings :-

Public Feedback:

A police officer who do not wish to be known by the public has provided us this police report made by Vasantha Kumar A/L Krishnan:

The police officer who helped us also said, "sy xley bg penuh sbb sy polis terikat akta rahsia bole bagi preview aje n xlengkap ler..huhuhu. case ni cume d sebabkan perasaan kiasu wakil pembangkang aje n yg pastinye memprovokasi keadaan pd mase tu."

Ikmal Hisham said, "This happened at Tapah.. i alrdy sort of debunked this personally with my fren..but its in Malay.. i lazy to translate usual..the half2 video from 'You know who'..they make a commotion and capture a short video
alahai... saya terangkan dlm bentuk rumus { aktiviti} [lokasi] ok kita mula dr bwh 
1. {mengundi} [TEMPAT MENGUNDI] 
2. {kiraan undi dan undi pos} [TEMPAT MENGUNDI] then start keta vroomm vrooom -
3. {menjumlahkan semua undi dr kawasan2 berdekatan} [PUSAT PENJUMLAHAN UNDI]
kejadian ni berlaku di PUSAT PENJUMLAHAN UNDI .. tk tahu lah kenapa calon PKR nk masuk..sebab keputusan jumlah pengiraan telah diperoleh.. kalau nk argue/tk puas hati.. calon boleh buat masa peringkat 2"

Suhana Abu Bakar said, "My opinion, since he have made a police report, then let the police and spr investigate further. We really dont hve much evidence to move forward. Just lots of assumptions. Just my thots."

If you agree with us, spread this to counter lies.

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