Thursday, January 17, 2013

Some 'neutral' thought on Patrick Teoh issue

Just received an anonymous email , I believe this came from one of my reader . He/she copied some 'special' notes from a lady regarding the Patrick Teoh's  'insulting' statement . She indicated few points for us  especially muslims people to think . Living in a multi-religious and cultural country should made us be extra sensitive to certain issues . This kind of 'insulting' words actually happened almost everyday without us realizing it (came from both side), maybe this kind of thing become xtra 'special' because those who mentioned it is a celebrity. And those who over re-act with the statement might also want to consider on the 'cause and effect' . I am not going to say who is right and who is wrong , but I guess all of us as a Malaysian should re-evaluate our attitude towards different religion and background .

Below is the content of email I received ;

"Assalamualaikum relatives and friends…
I am a Muslim and I’m not a terrorist!
I loved Islam and Subhanallah, Allah SWT is my creator… i repeat, I loved Allah, but I couldn’t stand a lot of his followers (if you know what I mean)
This is my own opinion and sorry if this statement make me sounds like I-am-less-Muslim than the rest of you...
Rata-rata masyarakat beragama Islam di Malaysia naik berang, mengamuk tak hengat dan marah tahap gaban dengan statement tahap cipan yang di keluarkan oleh Mr Patrick Teoh, baru-baru ini…
Yes, it is very shockingly stupid and there is absolutely no excuse for what happened.
Yeszzaaa… aku pun marah gak sebab dia tak peka seyyy… tak respect his muslim friends, kan??
Yes! He shouldn’t mentioned all those stupid things…
However, freedom of speech is separate from freedom of belief: anyone is legally entitled to believe whatever he or she wishes.
Yes! He is an asshole for saying that (BUT… that was his very own opinion for not being born as a Muslim… who are we to judge his opinion on Islam?? They don’t learn about our religion and we never learn their religion either)
Tapi nak tanyer sket… orang-orang Islam yang marah-marah tak hengat ni, betol-betol Islam kerrr atau sekadar naik hanggiinnn bila bangsa lain kutuk agama Islam??  Sembahyang 5 waktu ker? Tutup aurat ker? Amalan dah tip-top ker??
Insulting? Apparently… but a lot of Muslims insulted other religions too (all the time.. tapi ada tak kecoh-kecoh masok news bulletin semua???)
Religion is notoriously difficult to define… but at the end of the day, you will just have to serve your own God Almighty… nothing more, nothing less..
Muslims around the world mocking other religions too (haven’t you noticed?? Even your very own friends insulted your non-Muslim friends for being…. Non-Muslim, for eating pork, for showing their armpits, for drinking too much alcohol  and for whatever shitty reasons that most Islam followers did 24/7 too)
I myself have a few Malay friends who have that insulting-other-religions habit and I honestly hated them for that…
Still, many of them demanded tolerance but seems to be unwilling to show any terms of tolerances themselves..
Mocking other religion is the most serious kind of ridicule, no doubt but you’re living in the age of the Internet.  Your religion will be mocked, insulted and the mocking and insulting will find their way to you, so get over it otherwise you will fight and argue with one another endlessly…
I’m not condoning intentionally provocative acts but seriously, some elements in the Muslim world need to wake up to themselves…
One term the Islamic followers in Malaysia need to come to terms with is none other than, ‘’relax arrr brooo’’…
When someone insulted Islam or Muslims, other Muslims obviously feel upset and offended instantly… but seriously, take a chill-pill and get over it… don’t raise your blood pressure, aite?? (hurrmmm this reminds me, I should stop bullying Zed Zaidi for being stupid…. NOT!!)
Because, you insulted other religions and people of different races all the times too.. but you think it’s okay because you’re a Muslim and your God is ‘’THE GOD’’ (I know I am gonna receive a lot of hate-mails after this.. but duuhhhh… do you genuinely think I give a shit??)
Yes, I know… we all have the right to be outraged and to disagree with another person’s opinion… go ahead… nobody’s stopping you but please look before you leap because words, once spoken, DO NOT exist in a vacuum cleaner…
When I was a kid, I kept telling myself how stupid it was to pray 5 times a day (because my grandmother always banged on my door to wake me up for Subuh prayer). I asked myself what if Islam is not the real religion that will make me go to heaven?? I kept asking myself why do people bother so much when I am not wearing hijab and cover myself up like other Muslimah (may I remind you that I am born a Muslim and I have asked myself these questions over and over again at certain point in my life) but as I grew older, I know why I should pray and why I must cover myself up (apparently I haven’t master that part just yet – yeah Haters, just pray for instant changes in that department why dontcha?? LOL…) and I discover how to be a better Muslim compared to what I had and was thinking all these while… (How could it be possible for Patrick Teoh to understands our religion if he is not a Muslim himself… again, I know he was rude but please… get over it because it took me a long time to understand Islam, myself. It’s just that I don’t say stupid things in Facebook about Islam, so I am totally safe there)
I believed in Allah SWT even though he lets innocent children gets killed, even when women kept on getting brutally raped all over the world, even when other Muslims are facing terrible wars with super strong army from the opposite land…. I still believe in Allah SWT because I am a Muslim and I believed in other religion too and it doesn’t make me less Muslim..
To me, the way Muslims totally over-react to the slightest knocking of their religion suggests a deep-seated uncertainty in their faith.
Religion gives some people an excuse to justify the unjustifiable (so lammmeeee..)
Moral of the story is, just let it go… and be reasonable, obviously we’re no different from him (that crappy old man) so chill… yesss?? Because there is no society in human history that ever suffered when their people became too reasonable..


  1. Pada pendapat saya, KaK Fawah ni lebih banyak membebel dan lebih menjurus kepada nak melepaskan geram.

    Namun demikian, komen dia terhadap keaslian perasaan hiba semua Muslim yang terasa dihina oleh Patrick Teoh yang tak bertamadun itu sebagai merendah-rendahkan umat Islam itu sendiri.

    Tidak perlu persoalkan samada umat Islam yang sedang marah itu sembahyang 5 waktu ke tidak. Semua manusia tidak sempurna.


    Adakah saya perlu memberitahu orang lain yang saya sembahyang lima waktu setiap hari dan saya tidak pernah gagal melunaskan zakat? SAYA ADA HAK UNTUK BERASA MARAH. MUSLIM ADA HAK UNTUK BERASA MARAH.

  2. Saya nasihatkan perempuan yang menulis artikel diatas supaya bertaubat dari bersikap liberal ... adakah ulama , mufti dan lain-lain ahli agama yang mengutuk perkataan Patrick Teoh ini sebagai seorang yang kurang iman dari perempuan ini .... tahap tolenrasi ada batasnya... disebabkan orang melayu terlalu bertolenrasilah , si Patrick ini berani untuk memaki hamun orang dan agaa islam ....

  3. Apa jenis orang islam yang rela dan reda dengan kutukan orang bukan islam terhadap agama sendiri? Kalau negara ini tiada undang-undang ... dah lama si patrick ni kena tembak termasuk perempuan yang menulis tu. Disebabkan Malaysia ada undang-undang lah.... perbuatan Patrick ini patut di hukum kerana undang-undang Malaysia memang melindungi agama islam .... Mana menteri KDN yang lembik ni ....?

  4. It's not freedom of speech when you intentionally insult the larger group for Allah knows what reason. Say, I walk into the Chinese temple and laugh at their prayers, do you think I can yell freedom of speech? What if I yell "Fire!" in KL Sentral during Chinese new year rush hour? Do you think I can tell the police I'm just exercising my freedom of speech? I know Patrick was upset with the Kedah PAS but maybe he should have addressed them directly to express his disappointment instead of taking it into a public forum and causing anger to the majority of Malaysians or did he forget that Muslims are a majority group here? Or is the majority group suppose to be immune to insults? It's like a case of its okay for all the little kids to bully the big boy but if the big boy retaliates than he must be the guilty party. And to the writer above, please point to me when we the Muslims here insult other religions? Maybe it's the company I keep but we would never insult Jesus cause he's a prophet too. And the other religions, it's their choices.

  5. patrick you dont talk about islam because you are not muslim - not right at all ,but if you want to know about islam ,,we can explain to you
    NO COMMENTS PLS who are you to give comments about our religion . if we want to comments about jesus buddha - lots but we are not in that position because of respect ,,so do the same ,,,will u


  7. I believed in Allah SWT even though he lets innocent children gets killed, even when women kept on getting brutally raped all over the world, even when other Muslims are facing terrible wars with super strong army from the opposite land…. I still believe in Allah SWT because I am a Muslim and I believed in other religion too and it doesn’t make me less Muslim..

    Perenggan ini yang paling tak boleh saya terima sama sekali.Sedih tapi hakikatnya memang ramai orang Islam kita berfikiran begini.Aqidah tu beb.

  8. hell0 miss

    i dont knw what kind of muslim are u,and i cant judge u cuz i dont know u personally,but what i can tell u from what u write here is that u dont understand your religion if u say u are a muslim,

    1st of all how come u compare 4 year old you to 65 year old educated,normal human ,entertainer patrick teoh,-this is nothing to do wth it? its like when sum1 question why the chinese burn paper cutting model (such as car/phone to the underworld) and then a chinese reply i too question it when i was 4,
    this is such a stupid comparison.u are an idiot.

    2nd of all,if ur a muslim how come u believe in other religion too? doesnt that make ur "aqidah " corrupt or worse "syirik" we can respect other religion BUT not a believer.and this patrick teoh case is about respecting our religion,he has not right to blast off his personal oppinion or i would say some what vendetta on the net and jst say sorry.

    3rdly if u believe in ALLAH u will never ever say even ALLAH lets children dies and women get raped,u have no "iman' and please beware of your words that ur accusing.if ur a muslim u will understand where in the other life these unfortunate ppl will have innocent ppl die in such war is 'syahid'
    patrick teoh statement is againsts the PAS government for being firm about their rules and regulations in entertainment,if he is not satisfied wth the rules he can jst simply say only about it,but not to diss off our religion.

  9. Keep it simple stupid! Do not belittle or make fun of other religion(s) That is it. If you do then accept the consequnces. Pteoh has crossed the line and there is no excuse for it!!!! Anyway he has apologised and realised his mistake but he should know 'terlajak perahu boleh undur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya.

  10. hmm due to safety reason, i have to delete the email indicated in the article..enough with bawani,sharifah jabeen,patrick teoh...nanti x pasal2 lagi jadi isu..well fyi Patrick and DAP quite close...,first on Guan Eng new year statement on kalimah Allah, and now this guy... As i mentioned above these people should be xtra srnsitive

  11. Not good for the mind kalau banyak sangat baca tulisan macam pompuan ni. Bila dia tulis "you insulted other religions and people of different races all the times too.." sudah melambangkan tahap sengal jiwa penulis.

  12. Moralnya...jaga kata-kata. Jangan hina agama orang, Kitab orang kalau tak mahu orang hina agama dan kitab kita. Kepercayaan terletak pada diri masing-masing. Menghina dan penghinaan hanya akan membangkitkan kemarahan dan kebencian. Itu saja!

  13. Tuan2 boleh baca kutukan Patrick Teoh terhadap Islam dalam blognya (, diantara lain dia menulis...

    "...There are 13 castes in Muslims and these brothers can't share their places of worship. The brothers have been killing / bombing / conquering/ murdering /raping each other in the name of Islam for the last 500 years, since the day Islam existed..!

    They have never been or never will be at peace with Jews or Christians in the name of religion, yet all 3 pray to the same God of Abraham.

    The American attack on the Muslim land of Iraq and Afghanistan is fully supported by all the Muslim countries around them!

    One Allah, One Quran, One Nebi....! Great unity!

    All Muslims are not Terrorists, but all Terrorists are Muslims! and 60% of all victims of Muslim terrorism are Muslims.