Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stop 'goyang kaki'! MPSJ should be more efficient on their work execution

Below are few pictures taken at SS19 Subang Jaya when I go to there to grab my breakfast this morning. If I'm not mistaken this eyesore view at this area already almost one week. For the time being, no action taken by MPSJ to clean up this mess. Those tree branches even give trouble for cars to pass through. This morning two cars from the opposite way almost get into trouble when both are trying to avoid those cut tree branches. Luckily, nothing happened when both managed to push the pedal brake.

However this kind of situation might happened again to other vehicles. I believe MPSJ hired their contractor for the tree branches cutting work, and I wonder if they come to check if the work executed properly ? This local authorities are very fast when it come to issue summon to the 'rakyat' , but when it come on their responsibility to the public, this kind of thing happened. Come on lah Ahli Majlis MPSJ, do something and ask your people to clean up.It is your responsibility !

Since PR took over Selangor , then cleanliness always become an issue . Hannah Yeoh said this 'sampah' issue is a sabotage , but from these pictures do you think it is a sabotage ? I saw people cut those tree branches last week, and of course they won't cut those branches for nothing. This work suppose to be a contract awarded by MPSJ. So, please complete the 'work' properly , dispose all the branches, seriously it is an eyesore view !
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  1. patut la dpt hadiah penyapu dulu... huhuhu