Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Isu Selangor : What happened to RM10 Billion River Cleaning Project in Selangor

So tired and so lazy to update my blog , but for the sake of spreading knowledge to others . I believe this posting which I copied from Facebook would make people think .  As usual from my sifoo Uncle Fuad Omar ;

MALAYSIA'S Selangor state is embarking on a RM10 billion (S$4.1 billion) project to clean up its longest river and is keen to tap Singapore's experience in river cleaning, Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said yesterday.

Several Selangor officials, including those from its state water authority, yesterday accompanied him on a visit to the Marina Barrage here.

What happens to this RM 10 B River Cleaning Project in Selangor....

With all the rivers being clean up, then only they can talk about Membrane Technology as a "do-able" option, and hence rejecting Langat 2 and Pahang Water Transfer Project.

So, this Pakatan led Selangor government already have the plan to 'clean up' river in Selangor , that was on 2009 , one year after capturing Selangor , still 'fresh' and so eager to show to rakyat Selangor on the transformation they are going to do . The figure itself quite interesting !  RM10 billion for river cleaning , I guess one of the reason is to mitigate flash flood in Selangor . But what happened to this RM10 billion project ? And remember the Canal City Project which Khalid G order to stop only for  the flood barrier package ?  So what actually they trying to prove ... pening pakcik ! As mentioned above RM10bil will be use for river cleaning in Selangor , I guess this is one of the criteria advise by their 'membrane' technology consultant. But quiet for quite sometime oredi , not enough money or just afraid 'kena batang hidung' sendiri when the cost to clean the river actually higher than Langat 2 water treatment plant project. If Selangor have very bad drainage system which always cause 'flash flood', there's no point with this RM10 billion being use to clean up the river since they will keep cleaning up the river everytime when 'flash flood' occured. Again and again ..

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