Monday, October 22, 2012

Isu Selangor : Quote of The Day - On Water Management

From my Facebook friend and 'mentor' Uncle Fuad Omar ;

"Water Management is just like economics....Supply, Demand & whats in your can you say what is your pocket is OK without addressing the supply (hydrology) and demand (water demand ..present & projected).....

What Khalid has implied with 55% capacity of the dam......he is 100% sure the supply and demand is OK...this is wrong...unless the dam is 100% capacity at 100% of the time and he can safely say that the supply and demand is 100% OK....tu pun kena qualify for how long since supply is fixed & demand has projection i.e selalunya ikut GDP.

And this what Langat 2 & Pahang Water Transfer is all about.....i.e

1 - The treatment plant capacity need to upgraded (new or rehab) to meet the demand since the demand moving target base on projection 2 - Raw water supply is almost assured (i.e almost 100% at all time).....since supply (hydrology) is fixed....hence has to be import from somewhere to be consistent with the demand."

Hopefully , Pakatan leaders especially Khalid Ibrahim smart enough to digest the above information , though the above quote mentioned about "economic" , please please please don't try to get the Selangor's economy advisor to explain or else, rest of the world will make jokes on us.

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