Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wang Lee Hom will definitely luv Shila Amzah version of "Forever Love" !

Salam...sebenarnya aku tak berapa minat sangat nak tulis 'entry' pasal artis2 ni dalam blog . But I guess I can make exception  for a very good reason. I have to confess , one of my favourite singer is Shila Hamzah and now she's contesting in Asian Wave . Pertandingan ni sekarang berlangsung di Shanghai , China . Banyak artis-artis dari negara Asia yang bertanding , China , Jepun , Korea dan Thailand . Yang amat menarik sekali , Shila Hamzah yang dah bertudung sekarang , melangkah masuk ke 'final' untuk pertandingan ni . Judges really love her , and the audience love her as well . Well , we can see this by just watching at their face expression . I'm kinda impress of her effort in the local music industry and now she have the potential to spread her wings out of Malaysia . Tak kisah lah orang Malaysia nak kata suara dia biasa-biasa saja or whatever , but it seems like people of China luv her voice ! China is a very BIG market ! Just imagine what kind of impact it can directly or indirectly give to the Malaysian entertainment industry. It also reflect how Malaysian 'bumiputera' can easily 'mingle' with diverse ethnics, accepting and being accepted . Make this country sound more beautiful after badly being tarnished overseas by some stupid 'yellow' morons .

From the Youtube video , I can even see how one of the judges scratching his arm as if 'bulu roma' naik when listening to her voice. Anyway, how can we support Shila Hamzah in this competition ? Dia bawa nama Malaysia , dan sekarang dia berada di final , kita harap dia menjuarai pertandingan ni ! Paling menarik sekali , dia jadi juara dengan imej yang bertudung, might be the first one in any international singing competition . If you want to support her. please go to this link and vote for Shila Hamzah . Anyway nobody pay me for this article, I write because I believe the spirit of being a proud Malaysian. This is for the sake of our nation !

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