Thursday, September 27, 2012

Selangor will be OK without Langat 2 so where's the Techno-Comm Report Khalid ?

Something to share from our engineer mentor Uncle Fuad Omar . As what posted in his facebook wall ..

I was involved in the Selangor Water Demand study by EPU way back in late takes us nearly 3 years to assess the supply and demand data....the outcome is 10 volume of reports which basically zoom down to the following.. 

1 - Treated Water Supply crisis by 2014...this mainly due to the plant capacity has exceeded the design capacity and half of the plant capacity (about 2 000 mld) has exceeded its Operational Economic Life (more than 30 years), hence the reliability & efficiency will be affected......for that we propose Langat 2 which ultimately has a total design capacity of more than 2 000 mld.....this is what is happening now...early stage of Operational Crisis. 

 2 - Raw Water Crisis by 2016...this is due to the fact Selangor has fully exhausted its catchment areas (the last is Sg Selangor Scheme).....hence Pahang Water Transfer is the only viable & workable option. 

And for the demand side a growth rate of 5% (consistent with GDP) was adopted in the projection. All this while the Selangor PR Govt claimed that everything should be in order without Langat 2 and Pahang Water Transfer........and they have other question is simple...where is their Techno Commercial Report to justify their claim...and also their funding source since the tariff is too low and without Federal Govt subsidy thru PAAB to pay for the CAPEX (actually we just paying for the OPEX), no bank in the world will lend them the money..actual tariff from A to T is RM 4.00/cu m (ex treatment plant)...we are only paying avg RM 1.20/cu m excluding the 20 cu m free water.. And to take over all the Selangor Water Concession companies, the min willing seller and willing buyer price tag is about RM 5 B... 

 Now they got stuck....pants down...

Brilliant ! And I wonder what our Menteri Besar and RM1 Selangor Economic advisor will respond ? Would it be the same 'cliche' remarks repeated .. "through transparent governance , no bribery bla.. bla ... bla , the money we save can be use to subsidize the rakyat... " .. duhhh . Stop the 'cliche'  rakyat of Selangor need more than that !  As mentioned above , rakyat of Selangor , at least for the educated one ,need to see the Techno Com Report for verification . Jangan sembang lebih je ... please table a report , figures and studies . That is what we need machaa ..

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