Monday, September 24, 2012

4 questions for Selangor PR government to answer on their water re-structuring plan

These are 4 good questions people of Selangor might be interested to ask current our Selangor state government led by Pakatan  regarding their water re-structuring plan . These questions originally came from someone who had involve in Selangor water industry since the 80's. The same questions might also popped out from those who had experience handling projects in different industries.

Fundamentally, the same concept still applied . Unfortunately, not everyone have this kind of knowledge , therefore it kinda easy for those Pakatan's politician to 'menipu~lating' the facts . Something to share from my mentor Uncle Fuad Omar on Pakatan's water re-structuring plan . 

Where is the so called Business Plan (Techno Commercial) to take over and restructure the Water Supply Industry in Selangor far cakap2 kosong saja....4 simple questions..

 1 - How to increase treatment plant capacity, since they have rejected Langat

 2. All existing plants (owned by Selangor Govt) has exceeded its operational capacity and 50% of it has exceeded its Operational Economic Life (more than 30 years) 2 - Where is the new water source since they also reject Pahang Water Transfer. The last surface water source catchment has been used up for the Sungei Selangor Scheme

 3 - At what cost if they are to develop from A to Z....Source to Supply.....studies shows that the ex Treatment Plant Cost (minus distribution) is about RM 4.00 cu m...vis to vis avg of RM 1.20 we are paying now since the CAPEX are being absorbed by Federal Govt.

4 - Where is their funding source since all the existing Selangor water supply related debts and instruments has been downgraded and bonds turn sour....min RM 10 B i.e debts, liabilities and return calculated on NPV.. Since DUN Selangor has passed the Freedom of Information Bill....Selangorian has the right to know what is their mind...

If they can answer all the above questions without twisting or 'menipu-lating' the facts , only then we can questions the purpose of Langat 2 projects. So far,  some of the above questions answered by politician and not their engineers , oh ya their engineers did clarified but on questions that never been asked  . These 'engineer wannabe' (PR politician) seems to know better than the real engineer who involved directly with the water management in Selangor...something wrong here.

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