Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finally,Pakatan agree there's lack of treated water in Selangor and their spin game continue

This is another posting from my fren, Uncle Fuad Omar (a retired civil engineer) which I think should be spread out to counter Pakatan's spin (to the max) in water crisis issue. People are getting more confuse, previously they keep stressed on the raw water but after being highlited in blog/media etc , the divert to the treated water.

It seems now they agreed , there is lack of treated water supply from the treatment plant. Yet , SYABAS still to be blame. Without going into details on the technicality of water treatment plan. These bunch of PR leaders simply pin pointing fingers and refuse to understand on the technical matters, Politician stay away and let the engineer do the talk ;

Quote from Uncle Fuad Omar;

"Data quite significantly different..."The production capacity of the 34 treatment plants at present is 4,807 million litres a day (MLD), compared to Syabas' distributive capacity of 4,371 MLD.

"There is an excess of 436 MLD and it means that Syabas is operating below its actual capacity," he said.

Khalid added that once the mitigation project was completed, the production capacity would rise to 5,139 MLD, which is 768 MLD more than Syabas' distributive capacity.

My comments

Treatment Plant just like any other plants (power plant for eg) under the prudent utility practice, the best Load Factor is 80% to cater for maintenance, outages etc etc....hence with the LF of 80%, the so called Reserve Capacity is 20% anything more than this, the plant is operating under heavy stress...this is what happen in Selangor now..

The Plants can be divided into 2.

1 - Treatment Plant (those under Water Treatment Operators i.e Puncak Niaga, Abbas, Taliworks and all the plants Puncak should the be the worst in terms of efficiency and availabilty, since all the plants under PN are old plant...Bukit Nenas is the worst..pre Mederka, followed by Langat 1 and other smaller plants such as Cheras and this derating would affect opeartion.)..

2 - Distribution Plants (under Syabas i.e mainly pumps and actuators)..most of it have reach its economic life..

Hence if the treatment is efficient and reliable but the distribution is not performing, the overall operation is still affected i.e to the consumer

This is what is happening now, the capacity and capability of the pumphouse to the balancing reservoir has deteoriateSyabas) and hence the reseervoir could not be recharge in a timely efficient manner to meet the demand.

As per Syabas concession, this is part to their work i.e uograde & rehabilitate all the pumphouses....but nothing muchmthey can do since the bonds has gone sour and the SOS CAPEX by KeTTHA (I think about RM 500 M) has been blocked by this Pakatan Rompak"

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