Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chinese are actually not happy with DAP ?

Recently I came across one of my Facebook friend status which I believe should be share here in my blog. It actually her view on Chinese support to Pakatan Rakyat especially toward DAP. I'm not sure if this is true but as a Chinese, she should have her own sources giving her inputs on this information . Anyway let's the coming GE verify this. Pray really really hard to get rid  of DAP from Penang. Lim's dynasty no more relevant . Though I'm staying in Subang Jaya , but as a true Penangite , I don't want an outsider come and rule our state just to simply demolished what had been 'preserved' all this while.

Below is the comment from my Facebook friend by her ID 'Margaret Justice' on the latest Chinese support towards DAP.

"I begin to notice some Chinese are not that happy with DAP’s method in dealing with non Chinese especially the Malays and by extension UMNO.

There are many various reasons for that. But chief among them are the debate between Dr Chua and the man who like to think that the Chinese world centers around him, none other than Guan eng.

It is very easy to speak for 2 hours in Ceramah condemning UMNO and trying to draw similarity between Najib and Hitler. But in the debate, there and then you are challenged. And everybody knows who between the 2 have substance and who is “tin kosong”.(Lim Guan Eng)

Besides, chinese do notice Malays are going back to UMNO in substantial scale. Meaning UMNO’s position as the dominant party in Malay community is reemphasized again. Chinese( seen as cunninng by Malays, no offense) are strategic lot. Alliance with the loser will not benefit them.

YEs. They will give vote to DAP for a trial which they already given in 2008 . But they are also realising that without MCA, they are without representation in Federal Govt. Dr Chua is very smart in reminding chinese that he will not accept Cabinet pos( also other MCA leaders) if the dismal performance remains in the coming election and hence this coming election many will return back to support MCA just like the Malays going back to support UMNO...

Besides after giving PR a chance to rule, people also can see that PRis not that good as it claims and in fact they are even more corrupted than Bn many many times which is evident by the selangor Sand issue, the THB inquiry findings, the Mr.30% of the Kedah issue ...the Mutiara Land issue and many more ....

But Chinese must show DAP that its “forte’ which is waging war against the Malays just to secure and perpetuate Lim Dynasty will not be tolerated.

To my Chinese friend, there is no need to sacrifice the interest of entire community just to help politicians who are still trapped in Jurassic age so voting DAP is not a good choice and will affect your own benefit while enriching some of those voted into power ....

Just as Malay must be strong to reject politicians especially from PAS who likes to act as if it has monopoly over islam, chinese must never select politicians who are bankrupt of idea and only known for triggering racial sentiment. the type that is so familiar in Guan Eng. Instead of addressing genuine concern on Bayan Mutiara mosque site( which is a genuine concern), he turned around and accusing those who raised the issue as racist. Wake up npw and don't be con again this coming election.."

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  1. seconded...LGE and DAPsters are forever stamped on their forehead as RACIST TO THE CORES!! and I'm hoping these chinks to start campaigning for another 13th May against the Malays...please please..